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Hand Massage

Services provided

  • Many styles of acupuncture with therapeutic acupressure massage

    • Disposable filiform needles with or without electrical stimulation​

    • Ear acupuncture using non-puncturing ear pellets

    • Japanese gold and silver non-puncturing needle technique

  • Therapeutic acupuncture massage done with clothes on​

  • Medical Qi Gong

  • Stretches and therapeutic exercises for physical injury rehabilitation

  • Herbal formulas

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is a session like?

Acupressure sessions are done with clothes on. A combination of Tuina massage, shiatsu, medical qi gong and acupressure, range of motion, muscle manipulation, and stretching are done, depending on the injury.

Acupuncture sessions start with an overall body massage, which helps Elizabeth assess where the muscle imbalances occur. After feeling the energy pulses and evaluating the symptoms and muscle imbalances, the acupuncture points are selected to balance the system and alleviate pain. Electro-stimulation may be applied if it is deemed necessary. After about 20 minutes, the needles will be removed, and final neck, shoulder, and foot massage with a final evaluation of the body will be done.

Each session is between 1-1.5 hours

Accepted forms of payment

Ko Acupuncture accepts most insurances that cover Alternative Medicine and Workman's Compensation.


Cash or check are accepted, but credit cards are not accepted at this time.

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